what are the sources for bringing free traffic to your new website or blog?

Apart from Google SEO, what are the sources for bringing free traffic to your new website or blog?

what are the sources for bringing free traffic to your new website or blog

In addition to seo, there are many sources for bringing free traffic to your blog, with the help of which you can bring a lot of traffic to your blog. But the best source is seo. But if you want to know about those sources with the help of which to increase the traffic of your blog for free, then I tell you about some such sources.         

The first medium is social media, yes, you can get a lot of traffic from social media without seo and if your blog is related to news, then there can be a lot of traffic on your site,

all you need to do is visit your blog on a site like Facebook. You have to join the related group from the topic and share your posts there, if you have joined your 50 groups and 5 people come from each group, then 250 traffic happened. 50 out of 250 read your 4–4 more posts and 10 People read only 2–2 posts and 100 read only that post,

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then your traffic has become 500+. Surf share one link in all groups, so join Zayed group, but link 2–3 or less shares in a day. If not, then your blog can be blocked.

WhatsApp is a very good way to bring traffic to the blog for free, all you have to do is join 100–300 groups related to your topic and share at least 20 links in one group in a day, then if 20 link shares in 200 groups. If you have done 4 thousand links, then if only 1000 links are clicked, then your traffic will be more than 1000. There is neither a limit to join the group nor to share a link. Just keep on doing

You can use telegram

Can use twitter

Can use Instagram

Apart from this, you can also increase traffic by posting a guest on another blog.

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